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PLUXY™ - EPIL PRO 3.0 - 40% OFF
PLUXY™ - EPIL PRO 3.0 - 40% OFF
PLUXY™ - EPIL PRO 3.0 - 40% OFF
PLUXY™ - EPIL PRO 3.0 - 40% OFF
PLUXY™ - EPIL PRO 3.0 - 40% OFF

PLUXY™ - EPIL PRO 3.0 - 40% OFF

Almost Gone

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"Been using this all summer specially for my legs and armpits, and it works even with the shortest hairs. The hair regrowth is slow, so there is lasting smoothness. My underarm area was completely hair-free for at least 5 weeks, probably closer to 6. Definitely recommend, just wish I could've got my hands on this sooner!!"
- Emily Johnson - USA

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What Makes Pluxy Perfect for You

Fast & Long-Lasting Results

The Pluxy Epil Pro plucks the hair straight from the root, leaving your skin smooth for up to 4 weeks and making sure the hairs grow thinner each time

Highly Precise

With its 17mm discs, it removes hair 4x shorter than waxing. No more waiting for hair to grow out in order to have smooth skin again!

Antimicrobial Protection

Our Silver Ion Technology protects your skin against harmful bacteria and helps prevent ingrown hairs.

No Irritated Skin

The Pluxy patented Glide Technology allows the tweezer discs to glide over your skin without irritating it.

More Convenient and Less Painful Than Waxing

The dual-opposed heads hold your skin gently and makes the removal easier and more comfortable.

The Perfect Balance

The Pluxy ergonomically engineered handle fits perfectly in your hand, making it easy for you to hold and maneuver the epilator.

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Getting Rid of Body Hair Has Never Been Easier

No more shaving and waxing!

Salon results for a fraction of the price

  • PLUXY™ - EPIL PRO 3.0


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SAVE $$$

  • Shaving $720
  • Waxing $2,340
  • Laser $2,500
Pluxy Just $73.75

Or Just 4 Payments of $18.43/month

*All costs evaluated over 3 year period.


Customer Reviews

Based on 509 reviews
Melissa Collard
Not painless

You could not have a product that quickly rips the hair out of the follicle and not have some discomfort. But you do sort of get used to it and if it’s an area that has never been shaven, much less discomfort. I wish I would’ve started out with this when I was 12…🤷🏼

Lynn Streliski

I don’t usually spend my time writing reviews but—- I know this is gross BUT I have long chin hairs and upper lip hairs. I shave them with one of those new products that you go round and round in circles AND yes it does shave them,( like using a regular razor would) HOWEVER, I then may visit someone for an hr and go to groc store . By the time I get home I have what feels like 100 pieces of stubble on upper lip and chin. It’s horrific. I bought this knowing I was prob just wasting my money BUT NO!!! I tried it and yes since it is pulling hairs out completely it did hurt somewhat but I proceeded onward. This sounds ridiculous to say but I feel in way it is life changing. I was so tired of feeling stubble and hairs even after I had attempted to shave them. I now know I can use the product and not have to worry about who is starring at my chin hairs/stubble the next day..

Nathalie Perron
very good - and NOT painful : )

I was hesitant about buying this, but went ahead and tried it.
It is really good. I don't have much facial hair, but the little I do have comes off nicely and the skin feels smooth afterward.
Of course not every little hair comes off, but it does a great job.
I read reviews saying it was really painful and have to disagree - it is NOT painful at all! Even in more sensitive areas like the upper lip. Maybe because I don't have too much hair, but I am very sensitive and my pain tolerance level is very low. Tip: don't apply too much pressure as you go.
I have not used it for travel, but it is small enough to make it easy to pack.

Great little gadget

The little hairs on my chiny chin chin disappear just like that. And unlike waxing they stay gone longer. Love it.

Marianne H.

let me say I love this device. pulls the hair out perfectly. first time using it and my face feels so sorted and I love it so much im going to buy one for my mom and aunt excited . at first I was nervous but then the pulling of the hair is not bad dont hurt to bad . just a little uncomfortable. but I'm ready to try it again tomorrow

Martina Borne
Get it you won’t be disappointed

Skeptical For at home and for the price, blown away by results. Had seen a professional for epilating left me blistered for 2 weeks. Laser treatments in past - too costly to keep up with. So I resulted in shaving, I can without a doubt say I’m soo happy to have found something that works for me. A week later and little to no hair showing when I would shave almost twice a day. Don’t second guess, make the purchase I hope you enjoy and am surprised as much as I was. Yes it hurts but pain is beauty and it’s do able! I have dark and light hairs, some fine, some coarse.

Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority

We make sure you are happy with your new product, you will love it, but in case you don't, you can simply return it within 90 days and we will give you a full refund its that simple.

Any questions? Let us answer them

Who is Pluxy for?

Pluxy is for women with all skin tones and sensitivity levels. If you're looking to remove hair from the roots and maintain smoother skin for longer, Epil Pro 3.0 is probably a good fit for you.

Is it safe to use?
Does Pluxy fit all skin types?
What are the differences between using an epilator on wet and dry skin?

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