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7 Reasons Why Dr Anna Chacon Thinks You’ll Love The Pluxy Epil Pro 3.0 during Menopause

“It’s changed the lives of my clients since they started using it.”

- Dr Anna Chacon.

It all starts with one, not-so-subtle chin hair.

Then, suddenly, you're 50, and it’s not just the odd stray hair… It's a goatee.

Ask Dr. Anna Chacon, Miami’s Top Board-Certified Dermatologist, and she’ll be the first to tell you…

It’s time to kick the taboo to the curb and start talking about menopausal facial hair growth.

Luckily with the help of Pluxy’s Epil Pro 3.0 Facial Epilator, women are finally saying goodbye to unwelcome overnight sprouts and dark, coarse hair growth… and inviting confident, smooth skin and carefree spirits back into their lives with open arms.

Here are the Top 7 Reasons Dr. Anna Chacon loves Pluxy’s Epil Pro 3.0 Facial Epilator and why she’s sure you’ll love it too:

1. Stops The Sudden Appearance Of Menopausal Facial Hair.

As we age and face hormonal changes, we begin to see hair in places we simply don’t want it, and during and after menopause this hair is darker and coarser than it was before. See, as our estrogen levels start to decrease, this imbalance often tips our male hormones (androgens) over the edge, promoting symptoms like male-pattern hair growth. This is why we get those sneaky overnight growth spurts. Thankfully this is where the Epil Pro 3.0 swoops in and saves the day!

Pluxy’s Facial Epilator, unlike quick fixes, like shaving, removes the entire hair and root, which takes your body up to 4 weeks to regrow, promising long-lasting results. Without daily touch-ups… which Dr. Chacon is all about.

“I’ve seen what daily upkeep with tweezers and razors has done to my clients, mentally and physically, and it’s a serious cautionary tale to skin health.”

- Dr Anna Chacon.

2. The Ultimate Confidence Booster.

Not quite ready to jump into laser or electrolysis? Neither are a lot of Dr. Chacon’s clients, especially due to the soring costs and inconsistent results of these treatments. In fact, Dr. Anna Chacon met with several other board-certified dermatologists to discuss her client’s options, who were feeling confused, lost and nervous… Unaware of what alternatives could provide long-lasting relief without the cost or potential skin damage.

“A lot of women just aren’t ready for that kind of risk.”

- Dr Anna Chacon.

Pluxy allows women to take the power back into their own hands.

All the technology in Pluxy’s Epil Pro 3.0 is dermatologist-approved, including their Face-Safe™ Precision Discs and Glide Technology. This unique patented duo has been tried and tested by over 20,000 women who love its ability to remove hair from the root in seconds, without irritating or scarring their skin. Just one session helps to maintain glowing, hair-free skin for up to four weeks.

3. Removes All Kinds Of Facial Hair.

The Adaptive Precision Discs in Pluxy’s Epil Pro 3.0 have another powerful perk which Dr. Anna Chacon recommends to her clients regularly to keep on top of all things hair… They work on every type of hair. By creating a 360(degree sign) lock around each hair, the precision discs adapt to every hair shape, thickenness, and length, pulling them effectively from the root. So whether it’s peach fuzz, coarse, dark stubble, or wispy white hair, tackle them all in just a few swipes - with one powerful device. Dr. Chacon claims it’s never been more effortless to enjoy professional results from the comfort of your own home.

4. Promotes Slower, Finer Hair Growth Over Time.

Dr. Chacon found that removing hair at the root is absolutely critical for managing menopausal facial hair. Which is why she’s thankful Pluxy does exactly that. Research from the Journal of Clinical Dermatology has shown that Pluxy's technology not only removes hair… But can damage your follicles. Damaged follicles produce thinner, finer hair. Over time, this is beneficial for easing common challenges of unruly hormonal growth. By potentially reducing hair regrowth rates by up to 60%. Dr. Chacon reports her clients notice finer, slower, and sparser growth in as little as 3 months.

Just imagine looking in the mirror and seeing barely-there, soft fuzz instead of coarse stubble.

When you prioritize your skin with Pluxy, each day can become a whole lot more comfortable.

“It’s remarkable that something you can use at home, which doesn’t require clinic visits or lasers can do this much to your skin. It’s wild.”

- Dr Anna Chacon.

5. Made for Sensitive Skin

Just like it has for Dr. Chacon’s patients, simply using this device for a few minutes once a month is all you need to support glowing, hair-free skin. Helping you bring a sensation of self-care and balance to your complexion with Silver Ion Discs, proven to kill up to 99.9% of irritation and ingrown-hair causing bacteria, be sure to feel and look your best without choosing between breakouts, bumps, or hair, killing your confidence.

6. The Right Price

As a dermatologist who’s studied innovative hair-removal solutions for almost three decades, Dr Anna Chacon’s focus is to provide total care for the faces of all women during evolving stages of life.

This is why, with her help, the true mission of Pluxy is to reach as many women as possible, with a special introductory price you won’t find anywhere else. With a one-time purchase, you can enjoy morning after morning, free from hunting down stubborn stubble with tweezers - for a fraction of the cost of in-clinic treatments.

“I see what most people are offered in the world… like ‘professional hair-removal’? That’s not available to most women. There needs to be a reality check in all of this, and be accessible. I’m here to do the work.”

- Dr Anna Chacon.

7. Backed by a 100% Money Back Guarantee

Pluxy’s groundbreaking Facial Epilator provides powerful technology like Adaptive Precision Discs, Gentle Glide Technology, and Silver Ion to support complete menopausal facial hair relief.

This is why every purchase is backed by their 90-day money back guarantee* so you can try it today for three months and if you’re not happy for whatever reason, you can simply send it back.

“I’m doing something good for the women I love in a way that fits into their lives… And I can’t believe the dramatic results”

- Dr Anna Chacon.

Now is the time to ditch the menopausal hair-mess in a safe and effective way. Because when you take control of your facial hair, you’ll find that your most confident years are actually ahead of you… not behind you.
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“Best hair removal method I’ve used”

I had a tuft of dark hair right under my chin. I was constantly plucking, almost daily and this left me with little bumps. Now I use pluxy only once a month and the results are amazing. There are no bumps from plucking and the number of hairs seems to have dropped. I no longer have to worry about sitting outdoors or too close to other people. I only started using the body one a couple of months ago and it too is brilliant, especially for underarm hair, the results are so much better than with shaving. There’s no stubble and the skin feels much softer.

Ciara Donnery
Verified Buyer
“Pluxy is amazing”

“Pluxy is amazing! I am 85 yrs old and the older you get the more problem facial hair is. Waxing is too expensive and I would need it too often..I can't see well enough anymore to pluck which was painful and left rough bumps. The first time I used Pluxy was a bit shocking as I didn't have any idea what to expect but after that it gives your skin a refreshing feeling. Being on SS and having a very limited income I was uneasy about the cost but it is the best investment ever!

Jesus Lee
Verified Buyer
“I will never look back”

“Oh my gosh, EXACTLY WHAT I NEEDED TO FINALLY DEAL WITH MY ROGUE OLD LADY WHISKERS!! Much faster than plucking. If you’re like me growing wiry white hairs faster than you can psychologically handle, buy yourself a pluxy now! You won’t regret it I promise”

Katrina Moores
Verified Buyer
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