This Is How Women Can Finally Ditch The Weekly Chin Shaves From Home

by Kayla Anderson

Being an adult woman simply means having a favorite pair of tweezers… I think about my whiskers THE WHOLE TIME, and every other day spend about an hour plucking out what my son likes to call my “fallen eyebrow hairs”... yes, I do mean the hairs on my chinny chin chin!

It’s like no matter how hard I try, even when it looks like I’ve finally gotten them all I step outside of my house, into my car and BAM the light of day shows me just how mistaken I was! I literally kept tweezers in my car so when I got to the perfect patch of light, I could see EVERY SINGLE one of them.

A good friend of mine told me about a womens facial epilator called Pluxy that removes hair much faster than you can with tweezers, without irritating your skin and works very effectively to reduce regrowth over time. Take a look at the results below and see why I’ve become a fan.


It Does More Than Just Pull The Hairs Out, It…

  1. Removes hair without damaging your skin
  2. Reduces your hairs’ ability to grow
  3. Protects your skin from rashes, irritation, and cuts
  4. Retains your skin's natural elasticity
  5. Eliminates the excessive price tag of monthly salon visits
  6. Ensures fast & long-lasting results

You’ll See Smoother Skin, More Easily, For Longer.

Seriously. Within seconds you’ll know this is a superior solution for your pesky chin hairs.

Difficult spots will be smooth, stubborn coarse hairs will lift from the skin with ease and your skin will remain perfectly intact.


It’s Engineered Specifically For Women’s Faces.

We’re women. Our faces are softer. More sensitive. It ages differently. We need a different kind of care from hair-removal methods than men do. Pluxy gives you that delicate attention and care your face deserves.

Pluxy’s team of experts in women’s facial hair did extensive research for 2 years until they found the perfect engineering that would prevent us from ever feeling the fear of someone reaching to touch our cheek again.


It Combines Elite Patented Technologies.

Pluxy combines scientifically backed technology which is EXACTLY what your face needs at every stage of the hair-removal process, every time.


Magazines Like Marie Claire and Women’s Health Recommend it

“Here’s How Women Can Finally Overcome Dreaded Peach Fuzz” [Marie Claire]

“The Best Epilator For Damage-Free, Hairless Skin” [Women’s Health]

“This Facial Epilator Is Revolutionizing The Women’s Hair Removal Game”[ALLURE]


It Feels Ooooooohhh

Pluxy doesn’t irritate and won’t leave you with rashes or raw skin after use. It removes hairs so much faster than tweezers and still keeps your face fuzz-free without the aggressive effects of gunky, disposable razors or hot wax.


Exuberant Customers Are Giving It A 4.8 Rating!

“No more tweezing everyday, literally in 10 minutes I find the usual nightly spurts are gone and stay gone!” - Holly 53, UK

“I FEEL SEEN! Don’t even get me started on laser hair removal… I did it and it grew back in my 30s! Pluxy has really changed the game of long term solutions and for this price… I’m just pissed I wasn’t aware of it sooner” - Neisha Trevors, 42 US

“This! I have literally ditched my emergency handbag tweezers since purchasing. Enough said” - Diane Reeves, 49 UK


You’ll Feel Liberated.

I love myself, who I am, what I look like. But let’s face it, we all want to give ourselves more reason to feel confident. So here it is ladies, the answer to your 11pm tweezer themed prayers and that darned 5 o’clock shadow.


It Saves You Over $700.00USD

With the Pluxy Epil Pro, you won’t spend excessive amounts on overpriced, undervalue salon visits anymore. This is a huge money-saver: it would cost way more than $700.00USD to get all these benefits from salon visits every year, not to mention the cost of fuel or travel to get there and back


You Get A 90 Day Guarantee

If your face doesn’t look and feel smooth as a baby’s butt after 90 days, you get your money back. No questions asked.

Don’t miss out on Pluxy’s Winter Flash Sale!

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New Customers Get 35% Off Their First Purchase! Plus Free Shipping On Orders Above $90 + Our 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee

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Customer Reviews

Based on 242 reviews
Violette Harod
Wow just wow

This product is amazing! I used to be afraid of removing hair under my eyes and shaving so frequently caused rashes for me. Not only does it prevent ingrown hair, it’s almost painless. Because it’s so small, the pain is manageable. You’ll just have to go over the spots a couple times and I’m ok with that for the results! Have used on bikini line too and the hair hasn’t grown back for 3 weeks now! Don’t know how long this little thing will last, but if it does break down from use I’ll be sure to buy another!

Amy Sippylid
works great

Very pleased with this. Lasts longer than facial hair remover creams.

Lisette Carcan
Love it!!

I have tries many products on my chin and upper lip and nothing seemed to work except to shave. I bought this about 2 months ago and OMG!! I have been using it periodically to touch up. Hair is finer and less noticeable when it does grow out. I went years shaving that embarrassing chin and lip hair twice a day. Now, I only have to use the Pluxy about once every 2 weeks. I love it.

Natalie Descent
Terrific Product

As a person with less than perfect vision, I always found it difficult to remove facial hairs with a regular tweezer. This epilator works easily to do the job perfectly. It doesn't hurt any more than a manual tweezer and doesn't irritate the skin. I should have bought one of these years ago. Haven't had it long enough to know about lasting qualities but, for now, it is excellent.

Deb Stanek
surprised how well this works

Why buy an expensive one....this little gadget works great, even on peach fuzz.

Estelle Boudreault

what a great gizmo! absolutely love it! I developed facial hair growth after coming off the pill and post- menopause it got worse. wax is okay but doesn't get some of the finer hair growing under my chin and upper lip. this gadget whisked them off in one go! so happy I bought it. Pluxy is a name you can trust.

New Customers Get 35% Off Their First Purchase! Plus Free Shipping On Orders Above $90 + Our 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Photos Credit: @thedayathesea

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