5 Reasons Why Dermatologists Prefer This Facial Epilator Over Tweezers & Razors

If you’re looking for smoother, softer hair-free skin for longer, meet Pluxy™. The facial epilator tested and approved by over 5 Board Certified Dermatologists across the US for women over 40. So you can access the same safe, long-lasting at-home results as those who can afford in-clinic treatments.

Here’s 5 Reasons Why Dermatologists-Approve of Pluxy:

1. Long-Lasting Results, Guaranteed

Quick fixes, like shaving, can make thick, fast hair growth feel even quicker or darker than before. Pluxy removes the entire hair and root, which takes your body up to 4 weeks to regrow, promising long-lasting results without daily touch-ups. With a 90 day, no-risk guarantee, enjoy smoother skin for 3 months without risking a cent.

2. The Ultimate Time Saver

Within seconds you'll know this is a superior solution for your pesky chin hairs. Pluxy removes individual hairs 100x faster than tweezers. Precision discs save hours of time, removing even tiny hairs with ease. With Pluxy, you can catch every last hair while catching up on your favorite TV show, no mirror needed. Spend just 3 minutes a month on hair removal instead of an hour every day.

3. Made for Sensitive Faces

Pluxy uses patented FaceSafe™ technology, carefully engineered for the delicate skin on a woman's face. The antimicrobial surface kills 99.9% of bacteria to keep your skin protected and blemish-free. The gentle-glide epilation mechanism prevents irritation and redness by gliding over skin without pinching or nicking.

4. Slower, Finer Hair Growth Over Time

By removing hair at the root, research from the Journal of Clinical Dermatology shows that Pluxy's technology can damage your follicles. Damaged follicles produce thinner, finer hair. Over time, this can reduce hair regrowth by up to 60%. Many users report noticeably sparser growth in as little as 3 months. Imagine looking in the mirror and seeing soft peach fuzz instead of coarse stubble.

5. Trusted by 20,000+ Happy Customers

Thousands of real women with PCOS have made Pluxy their go-to hair removal solution. Rave reviews say it keeps skin smooth for weeks and boosts self-confidence by helping women reclaim their elegant complexion effortlessly. With an average 4.8-star rating, Pluxy has earned its stripes as a true game-changer.

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