7 Reasons Why Pluxy™ Is The Best Option For Your Facial Hair

For Impossibly Smooth Skin. All. Month. Long.

We know that being a woman with an uncomfortable amount of facial hair can feel like a never-ending nightmare. Here’s why Pluxy’s Epil Pro 3.0 is the only solution for those pesky hairs compared to tweezers, razors and wax. 

1. It works! Our 20,000+ 5-Star reviews prove it.

Pluxy™ is the internet’s #1 facial hair solution. Women are tired of spending hours each week for missed hair, bumps and burns. That’s why they turn to Pluxy™. See why 20thousand+ women have switched to Pluxy™ and tell their friends to, too! Nearly one-third of our sales come from returning customers purchasing for friends and family. It works! Women trust us for reliable, long-lasting satin skin, and so can you.

2. Irritation? What’s that?

If you’ve tried razors, tweezers or wax to rid your chinskers, you know they can cause mild (or even extreme) pain and irritation. Knowing this, we engineered our facial epilator alongside board certified dermatologist Dr. Anna Chacon - to be gentle on sensitive skin. The result? Silver Ion Discs that kill 99% of bacteria, preventing ingrown hairs and breakouts.

3. Pluxy is less expensive than alternatives… by a lot!

You’ll pay between $250-$700 a year depending on whether you’re buying razors or wax supplies. And your skin may not last up to four weeks compared to using our affordable at-home device. Never overpay for facial hair removal again, as your one-time purchase of Pluxy™ gives you a life-time of professional results and we have a 94% satisfaction rating.

4. Skin-Safe™, Dermatologist-Approved.

Pluxy™ was created by a skincare expert and approved by dermatologists. Built with face-safe technology our device uses precision discs to extract all hair from the root, 100x faster than tweezers. This takes your body up to four weeks to grow back, and can reduce regrowth by up to 60%. All while preserving your skinbarrier, not like those harsh waxes or cheap razors that pull at your skin. Choose Pluxy for Skin-Safe, long-lasting results.

5. Easy to use - no complicated steps

Anybody can use Pluxy™ - it’s so easy! All you have to do is push the switch, pull your skin taught and slowly glide the epilator against your hair growth, in any area with unwanted hair. It’s so safe and easy to use, women with vision problems and women up to 85+ years of age LOVE pluxy for easy, effective hair-removal.

6. You’ll see glowing skin instantly

95% of women enjoy an ultra-smooth complexion the minute they switch off their device. 90% see slower, finer regrowth after just two uses - it’s that effective. You don’t need to reach for your emergency razor or run to the drug store for burn gel - you only need a few minutes per month. Yes, that’s it! That’s all it takes. Another reason that using Pluxy™ is a no-brainer [and the internets #1 facial hair solution] for effortlessly soft skin.

7. Risk Free Purchase

When you use Pluxy™ your confidence is guaranteed. And it comes with a 90-day guarantee. You will either enjoy weeks of carefree complexion or get a full refund. No questions asked.


Forget the hassle, embrace the confidence

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20k+ Verified Results 20k+ Verified Results
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Zero Irritation with Face-Safe™ Zero Irritation with Face-Safe™
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Saves you $$$ each year Saves you $$$ each year
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Dermatologist-Approved Dermatologist-Approved
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Easy-to-Use Easy-to-Use
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Instantly Glowing Skin Instantly Glowing Skin
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90-Day Guarantee 90-Day Guarantee
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Stars 20,146 reviews on TrustPilot
“If you have facial hair, STOP what you're doing and order a Pluxy!”

“This product is amazing. I have PCOS and thyroid issues, and I've had facial hair since puberty. I wax and tweeze regularly, at least I used to. I've been using the Pluxy for 6 weeks and have cancelled 2 waxing appointments. The pain is minimal especially if you're used to waxing. My skin isn't broken out, I don't have thick stubble, and it takes minutes at home”

Melissa Gillam
Verified Buyer
“Pluxy is amazing”

“Pluxy is amazing! I am 85 yrs old and the older you get the more problem facial hair is. Waxing is too expensive and I would need it too often..I can't see well enough anymore to pluck which was painful and left rough bumps. The first time I used Pluxy was a bit shocking as I didn't have any idea what to expect but after that it gives your skin a refreshing feeling. Being on SS and having a very limited income I was uneasy about the cost but it is the best investment ever!

Jesus Lee
Verified Buyer
“Best hair removal method I’ve used”

I had a tuft of dark hair right under my chin. I was constantly plucking, almost daily and this left me with little bumps. Now I use pluxy only once a month and the results are amazing. There are no bumps from plucking and the number of hairs seems to have dropped. I no longer have to worry about sitting outdoors or too close to other people. I only started using the body one a couple of months ago and it too is brilliant, especially for underarm hair, the results are so much better than with shaving. There’s no stubble and the skin feels much softer.

Ciara Donnery
Verified Buyer
“I love this product for several reasons…”

“I love this product for several reasons, my skin has become softer, pores have become smaller. I used it daily for approximately 3 days. Now I use it two times or less a month. The regrowth has slowed down dramatically and my facial hair has become so much thinner and less noticeable. I would totally recommend this product.”

Kennilyn Bryson
Verified Buyer
“I will never look back”

“Oh my gosh, EXACTLY WHAT I NEEDED TO FINALLY DEAL WITH MY ROGUE OLD LADY WHISKERS!! Much faster than plucking. If you’re like me growing wiry white hairs faster than you can psychologically handle, buy yourself a pluxy now! You won’t regret it I promise”

Katrina Moores
Verified Buyer