5 Reasons Why Women with PCOS Trust Pluxy™

We know keeping up with facial hair removal can be a challenge for women with PCOS.
Here’s why Pluxy’s Facial Epilator is the only solution for those with hormonal hair growth.

1. Say Goodbye to Daily Hair Removal

Quick fixes, like shaving, can make thick, fast hair growth feel even quicker or more noticeble than before. Pluxy removes the entire hair and root, taking your body up to 4 weeks to regrow. With a 90 day, no-risk guarantee, breakfree from the constant need to remove hair without risking a cent.

2. Reclaim Your Confidence and Elegance

Pluxy delivers long-lasting smoothness, so you can feel confident and elegant again. No more worrying about visible stubble, dark shadows or unruly facial hair. With Pluxy, you can boost self-esteem and radiance, without second guessing your appearance.

3. Conquer Coarse and Fine Hair with One Device

Pluxy's precision discs are designed to contract around each hair, effectively adapting to even the coarsest, thickest, and finest fuzz all in a few swipes. Say goodbye to stubborn, visible hairs and hello to a glowing complexion.

4. Gentle on Your Skin, Tough on Hair

Pluxy uses patented FaceSafe™ technology, carefully engineered for delicate facial skin. The gentle-glide epilation mechanism prevents irritation, redness, bumps, and ingrown hairs, by gliding over skin pulling only the hair, leaving your skin smooth and healthy.

5. Enjoy Long-Lasting Results

Unlike other hair removal methods that offer temporary relief, Pluxy delivers long-lasting results. By removing hair at the root, Pluxy can damage your follicles, leading to thinner, finer hair and reduced regrowth over time. Enjoy the peace of mind from more manageable regrowth with every use.

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“Best hair removal method I’ve used”

I had a tuft of dark hair right under my chin. I was constantly plucking, almost daily and this left me with little bumps. Now I use pluxy only once a month and the results are amazing. There are no bumps from plucking and the number of hairs seems to have dropped. I no longer have to worry about sitting outdoors or too close to other people. I only started using the body one a couple of months ago and it too is brilliant, especially for underarm hair, the results are so much better than with shaving. There’s no stubble and the skin feels much softer.

Ciara Donnery
Verified Buyer
“Pluxy is amazing”

“Pluxy is amazing! I am 85 yrs old and the older you get the more problem facial hair is. Waxing is too expensive and I would need it too often..I can't see well enough anymore to pluck which was painful and left rough bumps. The first time I used Pluxy was a bit shocking as I didn't have any idea what to expect but after that it gives your skin a refreshing feeling. Being on SS and having a very limited income I was uneasy about the cost but it is the best investment ever!

Jesus Lee
Verified Buyer
“I will never look back”

“Oh my gosh, EXACTLY WHAT I NEEDED TO FINALLY DEAL WITH MY ROGUE OLD LADY WHISKERS!! Much faster than plucking. If you’re like me growing wiry white hairs faster than you can psychologically handle, buy yourself a pluxy now! You won’t regret it I promise”

Katrina Moores
Verified Buyer