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    "My chin hairs are the toughest to get rid of but slowly they seem to be lessening."

    "I’ve had my Pluxy for a couple of months and am really enjoying it. My chin hairs are the toughest to get rid of but slowly they seem to be lessening. It is comfortable except on my upper lip but I’m adjusting to it. I highly recommend Pluxy to anyone dealing with facial hair."

    Bev Anderson

    54 - United States

    "The hairs grow back much slower and finer…"

    "I had been looking for a device to remove coarse black hair on one side of my chin due to drawing a razor across it when I was 15 (and I will be 60 next month!) Of course, I pluck it constantly which leaves the area red and pimply looking, which I have to cover up with makeup. I was happy to see Pluxy worked well removing my chin hairs and fine peach fuzz and the hairs grow...Read More

    Natalia Pointon

    59 - Australia

    "Just glide it over your hair and poof it’s gone in seconds!"

    "I just love my new Pluxy. It's fast and easy to use. No more plucking, just glide your new Pluxy over your chin, lip or neck wherever you have some hair, and poof it's gone within seconds. I just love it."

    Linda Wilson

    49 - Canada

    "I’ve been hair-free for nearly 4 weeks"

    "So happy I found Pluxy! At last, an easy solution to hair removal. I have bought both the facial and body Pluxy. So easy to use and gives impressive results. I’ve been hair-free for nearly 4 weeks now! Great customer service. Would recommend it without a doubt."

    Christine Jessop

    63 - United Kingdom

    "My face is hair-free and smooth and my confidence is through the roof"

    "Having been embarrassed by my facial hair for years, I was so excited to receive my Pluxy. So far, the results are amazing. It was difficult to see the hairs with a mirror so I was never able to do a really good job and it seemed to grow back so quickly. Pluxy is making the job so much easier and it gets every hair...Read More

    Laura G

    56 - United States

    "What was a daily chore is now every 2-3 weeks. Satisfied"

    "I was very cautious before ordering and waited several weeks before taking the leap. Wished I had ordered sooner. My first experience was so so but as I learned the technique it became easier. Hair growth has slowed and no more stubble after shaving. What was a daily chore is now each 2-3 weeks. Satisfied!"

    Kathie D

    69 - United States