Dermatologist Reveals the Top 5 Hair-Removal Brands You Can’t Ignore

Dr Anna Chacon, M.D.
Mon, June 17, 2024 at 15:33pm PDT

(Miami) As we age, maintaining healthy, hair-free skin becomes increasingly important for our skin health and confidence. As a dermatologist, I’ve put the most popular facial hair-removal devices to the test to find which are the most effective for achieving smooth, radiant skin.

The brand ranked #1 is relatively new, but has quickly gained popularity across the UK, America and Australia.

#5 Glabrous Skin

Glabrous is relatively new to the scene with their epilating device. However, their products focus on “removing hair from anywhere” rather than technology specifically designed for the sensitive skin on your face. As a dermatologist, this is a no-no for aging skin, as facial skin requires much more care than the skin on our legs.

#4 Flawless

Touch Flawless is a popular facial hair remover known for its device the Finishing Touch’s convenience. Despite its elegant rose gold design and compact size, be prepared for less-than-elegant next-day stubble and dark shadows as it ‘cuts down’ surface hairs while scraping skin. Women report an increase in facial hair growth, so this glorified razor becomes more tedious than effective.

#3 Epilady

Trusted since the 1980s, Epilady is a well-known hair-removal brand. While it effectively removes hair and offers long-lasting results for some, its instructions advise against facial use, leading to confusion and dissatisfaction. Users often report redness and irritation, making it less suitable for sensitive skin. Additionally, many struggle to remove fine hair, often needing to shave or tweeze stray hairs after use.

#2 Braun FaceSpa Pro

Braun’s extensive selection of hair-removal devices is impressive. However, it’s often considered overpriced, and many women find their facial epilator, particularly the FaceSpa Pro 911’s, plastic ceramic discs do more harm than good. Reports of missed hair, pinched skin, and weak motors indicate its effectiveness is inconsistent relative to its cost.

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