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By Kathleen C Olivieri
Image of a woman looking upset in the mirror

Daddy, why does that lady have a beard like yours?’... 
I almost burst into tears right then and there. 
After a kid no older than 5 said this, while pointing straight at me.
He obviously didn’t mean for me to hear it…
But that didn’t stop me from dying inside.
No matter how much time I spent yanking or scraping the hair out of my face, there were always one or two dozen I missed. 
Not to mention, it only grew back more stubbly… 
More quickly and visible than before. 
At times it's been so frustrating I used scissors to cut at the hair on my face… 
Practically stabbed myself with tweezers every day. 
Even ripped my skin raw with razors, attempting to remove every last one.
After decades of this vicious cycle I was so self-conscious. 
I lived in constant fear that my facial hair was obvious. 
That everyone could see it... 
Despite my tireless efforts to conceal it. 
All that while, my skin was getting worse and worse. 
I’d caused other problems: deep ingrown hairs, spots… 
Rashes and irritation from either not removing the hair properly… 
Or from the weekly, sometimes daily, grind of removing them. 
Then, one day, I ran into my yoga buddy Sarah. 
Sarah was one of the only people I’d ever trusted enough to confide in about my facial hair nightmare. 
Yet that morning, she looked different... 
No rash, no cuts - nothing.
I thought maybe she tried a new spa. 
Instead, she told me about a weird new device she tried. 
Apparently it took just a few seconds, and her face stayed velvety-smooth for weeks and weeks!
I couldn’t help but think what the catch was… 
How had I gone through 25 years of torturing myself…
When there was some tool which made facial hair simply disappear
Curious and a bit skeptical - I got home, hit the web, and typed 'Pluxy' into google. 
What I discovered was insane. 
Over 20,000 five-star reviews, all praising a magical device called the 'Epil Pro'.

"This might sound weird, but I feel this is life changing" - Jane, 45, Michigan.

"I have never felt so confident and free now that I’m not constantly worrying about who can see my whiskers" - Elsie, 62, New York.

Even skin docs were raving about it. And how its special germ-fighting discs protect against itchy bumps and ingrown hairs. 
 So, I took the plunge. With a 90-day money-back guarantee, what could go wrong? 

It’s More Than Just Hair Removal, It's a Transformation.

The moment it arrived, I switched it on. And whoosh — 7 seconds later, all the hairs were gone.My face was absolutely hair-free, with zero blemishes.Besides, my skin didn’t just look better; it felt better. For the first time in years, I could touch my chin without wincing in pain or cringing with embarrassment. The discs were so precise…Swiftly latching onto the root of each hair without once pulling on, or nicking my skin. Making it more comfortable than any razor, wax or tweezers I’ve ever used.Four weeks after my first experience, I finally began seeing a few fine hairs poking through. But nothing like it was before I used the Epil Pro… Some of the hair didn’t even grow back.Plus, I had zero irritation… Zero pus-filled ingrown hairs to dig out... No morning-after stubble to scour for or battle with… After another two months of this, it had proven its worth. Goodbye time-consuming rituals, and forking out on inconsistent treatments.Instead, my new life consisted of: waking-up, moisturizing, getting dressed, and going. Period.My confidence skyrocketed as I’d wake up, day after day, to the same glowing, blemish-free complexion I had seen on Sarah. Now, on my own reflection in the mirror.

You’ll See Smoother Skin More Easily, For Longer. 

Seriously. My skin is so soft and supple without my usual harsh routine drying it out. And it stays that way for nearly four weeks without any touch-ups. Even my scars are fading since I’ve stopped picking at my face with tweezers each morning. I just feel so much more confident in myself. Walking into rooms with my head held high instead of trying to cover it. I’ve started joining the guys from work for impromptu drinks. And last month, I even went on a girls trip to LA. I could never have done something so social before. But now I have peace of mind from my portable Epil Pro and newfound love for my appearance. I literally feel like I can do anything. Just imagine - an effortless way to pull out all the unwanted hair in one go. No irritation or angry bumps. Just touchably soft skin left behind… For weeks at a time.Imagine how confident you’ll feel without time-consuming battles with unwanted facial hair…

It’s Engineered For Women’s Face.

We’re women. Our faces are softer…More sensitive… It ages differently…We need a different kind of care from hair-removal methods than men do. Pluxy gives you that delicate attention and care your face deserves. Their engineers worked tirelessly to create something simple yet powerful. So, now you never have to worry when someone reaches out to touch your cheek. Ever again.

It Combines Elite Patented Technologies.

Tired of hair removal treatments that leave your skin worse off? Pluxy's germ-fighting discs do double duty—erase hair and shield against infections. Gently gliding over your skin, they tackle every little hair… Quickly switching stubble for weeks of satin skin… All while protecting against red bumps and ingrown hairs. It's a game-changer for consistently smooth, blemish-free skin.

Magazines Like FOX and CNBC Recommend it

“Here’s How Women Can Finally Overcome Dreaded Peach Fuzz” [FOX] “The Best Epilator For Damage-Free, Hairless Skin” [Bingham News Chronicle] “This Facial Epilator Is Revolutionizing The Women’s Hair Removal Game” [CNBC]

You can barely feel it. In fact, it feels kinda good…

Pluxy doesn’t irritate. And it won’t leave you with rashes or raw skin after using it. It simply removes hairs from the root, one hundred times faster than manual tweezers... Keeping regrowth at bay for up to 4 weeks…Minus the aggressive effects of cheap disposable razors and harsh wax. Or damage from daily tweezing.

Exuberant Customers Are Giving It A 4.8 Rating!

"No more tweezing everyday, literally in 10 minutes I find the usual nightly spurts are gone and stay gone!" - Holly 53, UK

"I FEEL SEEN! Don’t even get me started on laser hair removal… I did it and it grew back in my 30s! Pluxy has really changed the game of lasting results. And for this price… I’m just pissed I wasn’t aware of it sooner" - Neisha Trevors, 42 US

"This! I have literally ditched my emergency handbag tweezers since purchasing. Enough said" - Ashley Reeves, 49 US

You’ll Feel Liberated.

I love myself, who I am, what I look like… But let’s face it, we all want more reason to feel confident. So here it is, ladies: the answer to your tweezer-themed prayers and that darned 5 o’clock shadow.

It Saves You Over $700…

There's no need to overspend on overpriced, undervalue salon visits anymore. The Epil Pro is a huge money-saver. It would cost way more than $700 to get all these benefits from salon visits…Every year…Not to mention the cost of fuel or travel to get there and back. And today, with a very exclusive 35% discount, given to anyone reading this page… It’s yours for just $79.95. That’s right.For the cost of just two salon visits, get a lifetime of salon-quality smooth, blemish-free skin.

Enjoy Peace of Mind With a 90-Day, No-Questions-Asked, Money-Back Guarantee.

If your face doesn’t look and feel as smooth as a baby’s butt after 90 days… Get your money back—no hassle, no hoops to jump through.Like I said, while you’re on this page, right now…You’re eligible for a limited 35% discount. So don’t click off this page until you’ve clicked the button below…To claim it right this second. As stocks are low, I can only give the discount to readers on this page. And ONLY on this page… So, if you exit before clicking the button below now, it’ll be gone for good.